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“Keeping both eyes on the long game”

This blog has been split in three and all content moved to the new blogs – Qua Locus Life, Qua Locus Tech and Qua Locus Puzzle – comments are disabled here.

This blog is mostly about the long game of life. But more on that in a moment. Because, from time to time, I’ll also share some puzzles (I like puzzles), and more rarely I’ll also write about coding and technical stuff and tricks I’ve come across while I’m teaching myself to draw, speak Mandarin and everything else on my long list of interests. Mostly though, this blog is about the long game of life.

Which is quite a broad topic that includes almost everything, and so it’s not much use as a topic. More specifically, more usefully, I’m only interested in how we – you, me, all of us – can best play it to win. That is its focus, and on closer examination, it also serves us best to divide the long game into two.

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Written by CGF

March 15, 02012 at 00:54