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Where’s Wally? I know, and I can prove it without showing you…

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“Where’s Wally” is a well known children’s (and adult’s!) entertainment. There is a picture. Hidden, somewhere in that picture, is Wally. Alone or together one pores over the book, hunting desperately for the elusive little man. Sometimes people are in a race to find Wally, and the race is won by being the first to point to Wally.

But what if you had to prove that you had found Wally and won the race without pointing to Wally? Maybe your fellow competitor doesn’t want to miss out on the pleasure of finding him themselves. How could you prove to your friend that you had found Wally without them learning anything about where Wally was? Read the rest of this entry »


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November 29, 02012 at 08:03

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