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My name is Christo Fogelberg, I want to live the best and happiest life I can, and I want everyone else to be able to do that too. Hippie time? No – no no no no no. I don’t care about holding hands and dancing round trees. I don’t wish longingly for world peace. I care about solving real problems in the real world, and my tools are science, logic and quantitative thinking.

As an undergrad I studied computer science, a subject which has totally and invisibly transformed the way we live our lives and what we can do in just 50 years. I also studied philosophy, but that doesn’t mean Plato and Aristotle. The ancient philosphers made fantastic contributions, and we have built on those. Now the philosophy of mind, of  biology and of science matter more and so I studied under Sterelny and looked at Popper, Lakatos, Gould, Chalmers and others. Then I did my DPhil in machine learning at Oxford University. Now I work as a consultant for BCG, helping businesses solve problems.

And business problems matter. But better business alone will not win the long game, make me happy or save the world. So I’m harking back to my roots in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Amongst other things, that means FiloThought, a filofax for every thought you ever think, so that nothing is lost and every connection is found and captured.

And there are many other problems we need to solve so that we can win the long game. Although I did not realise it at the time, it turns out I’ve been writing and thinking about these ever since I built my own blogging platform for the first version of syntilect.com, way back in the palindromic year of 2002 when I was studying Computer science, Greek history, Mandarin, economics, philosophy and mathematics all at once. Here on Qua Locus, post by post, I hope I can help to build the rather grandiose intellectual lighthouses that will show us our course across the stormy seas of reality.


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March 16, 02012 at 23:33

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